Kindly use the navigation menu below as a prose directory, to find samples in an array of styles. The bottom link will take you to a new page, where most of my published works can be found, a voluminous read of 90+ pieces.

Every firm needs good, tight copy -- from short form blurbs and ad copy to long-form web copy, newsletters and other published media. To some, the SEO approach is good enough: just make sure the keyword is mentioned a slew of times and call it "done."

More savvy marketers know that, once they've captured the eyes of the maket, it's a good strategy to keep them engaged throughout the marketing story, from "once upon a time" all the way through to "happily every after" (aka, the call to action).
That's where the ProseWorks comes in.
As a pen-for-hire I've written newsletters, e-mail campaigns, web-zine features, print journalism for newspapers and magazines, press releases, personal profiles and biographies, corporate communications, business plans, marketing plans, prospectuses and a lot more.