about the author - James Scolari

about the author

James Scolari, nice to meet you. I'm a

• commercial photographer,
• experienced pen for hire,
• passionate analyst and consultant.

Business-to-business is my stock in trade.

With a camera in hand, I specialize in architecture, design, and landscape architecture. Yes, I can shoot a great portrait, yes I cover events, and yes I love to shoot food for restaurants and caterers -- but my focus is centered on the building and design trades.

I'm a widely published writer, with a background in newspaper, magazine and web journalism, with a focus on arts, culture and contemporary living. I also have deep experience in corporate writing, having penned newsletters, e-blasts, web copy, business plans, marketing plans, PR, bios and personal profiles, prospectuses, mission statements and quite a bit more.

Having spent a large part of my youth in the Hollywood film studios, I offer my services as a storyteller, no matter the medium. With my camera I can reveal the look and dimension of a subject; with my pen I can delve beneath the surface to offer context and reveal the nuance of that subject. As a consultant I can deepen that context, to offer a cogent analysis of what's going on behind the scenes - why a given subject performs as it does, and how to plan around that performance.

and before any of that,

I'm a married father of three with a home on the west coast, working across the southwest and beyond.