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nationality doubtful

you can look, but don't touch

into the deep

Part of my LA Metro transit series.

any port in a storm

Part of my LA Metro transit series.


central marketplace

the bumbershoot


So crazy -- these leaves fell from the same tree at the same time.

the iconoclast

the underground

Part of my LA Metro transit series.

how the other half lives

Riding the Hollywood Red Line - part of the LA Metro transit series.

beverly center

Looking from the Beverly Hills mall out to La Cienega Boulevard.


in the hot seat

the milk moustache

disney concert hall

A night time photo safari in downtown LA, playing with the panorama gadget on my cell phone

low winter sun

Thanksgiving week, and a sudden desire to be free of urban (urbane) banality. Urbanality. So we loaded the car with family and dogs, and drove up to a summit, where temperatures lay low like the declination of the wintry sun, and the white stuff sticks around.


seeing green

Last week found my camera on the west coast, photographing growing things for a favorite landscape architect.

all together now

Le Metro, Paris.

The beauty of mass transit is that it brings people into proximity, where some form of community must naturally occur. We're meant to move close, to connect, exchange energy -- we're wired to commune.

sin city

The Las Vegas strip, shot from a parking garage at McCarran International Airport, this July. One sinner was caught by traffic police as we watched, and as I snapped.


An idyllic meadow on the property of Villa de Banon, Simiane La Rotonde, Provençe, France.

table for one?

I seldom dine alone -- but in this cafe in Avignon, I'd happily go solo, if I must.

le newsstand

One way to be a well-informed Parisian...

solar array

morning glory

Speaks for itself - a rainy morning, a lovely blossom, shot on the "passing-by." No trickery or fluffery, just the beauty of the moment.

how about a little wine?

Photographing how "the other half" lives. Private wine collection in a very nice home. No, they didn't offer me a glass.

temple of the fabulous

Barney's of New York, in Las Vegas -- a three-story temple to fashion...


I'm fascinated by the way that architecture begins with art. There's a fundamental truth about our world, that everything is created (at least) twice: first as a thought, then a tangible thing.

window on the world

don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys

At the PBR (professional bull riders) nationals in Las Vegas.

They have a youth division, where little "men" gear up like their dads -- but instead of riding bulls, the sit astride a wild sheep, who tears out of the gate like a bat out of hell!

The title is just for fun -- by all means, the world can always use more cowboys, mom.


Tolkein was right - the mightiness of the heart is not a matter of size.

focus, or lack thereof

Focus can mean many things - but it's always a matter of intentionality.

We strive, in photography, for tack-sharp focus, 99% of the time.
But then, by the same token, sometimes we can intentionally play with focus to tell a very different story.

Sometimes a lack of focus can lead interesting places - so maybe the moral of the story is that we don't always have to try so hard; sometimes we can just wing it, and see what happens.

living in the moment

You know that feeling when you're just loving life, up to your neck in it, relishing every moment, knowing you're smack-dab in the middle of a peak experience, that though it won't/can't last, you're by dang going to enjoy it?

Yep, that's how it felt to stroll the Champs-Elysees on a beautiful spring day.

That feeling is one of many marvelous reasons to always carry a camera.

the texture of me

A self portrait, playing with textures. For those who haven't tried it, it can be a cool way to transform an otherwise straightforward photo, by laying a texture over the top. The texture is made semi-transparent, allowing the photo beneath to still be seen, but actually through the texture, so the image is transformed. The diversity of textures to be found is virtually infinite -- you can create your own, or try googling "photoshop textures" and be amazed at the abundant (and mostly free) results.

on a clear day...

On a clear day, you can see -- well, in the Mojave Desert, it might not look like a whole lot, but still it can be pretty, especially under all that sky.


Just a bit of fun with a desk lamp, and an action figure. Don't have a model nearby when you want to practice lighting and shooting? Improvise. :D

the lovely light

Light is everything in photography. In fact, no matter how complex, a camera is nothing more than a single, integrated system for measuring, capturing and reproducing light. Are you aware of light when - or before - you bring your camera to your eye? Start to look for it, and you'll see it with an ever keener eye.

rising from a sea of green

"Last year but one," as the Brits would say, I was commissioned to shoot sixty flats and villas over the course of two weeks across the south of France. We traveled over 2,000km in a mad dash to get it done, which meant that a lot of the shooting I did for my own pleasure had to be done out the window of a speeding car. It was challenging, but not all bad -- here, an idyllic farmhouse raises a riot of red among the verdant French countryside.

everyday beauty

In my photo workshop I'm prone to harp on the everyday beauty of our world. It might sound cliché, but we don't have to go to the ends of the earth to be dazzled -- abundant beauty can be found right under our feet. This is a favorite example of that great truth, shot one rainy day in Burbank, in a parking lot at Warner Brothers Studios.

between a rock and a timeless moment

Consider two things in this photograph - first, of course, the droplets of water: they have been far offshore, deep beneath the waves, they have ridden high up in the clouds, they have spent an age locked in the frozen embrace of the glacier-- yet the water has no memory for any of that. In this moment it knows only the glory of this dazzling leap up to meet the sun, as a perfect catalyst sends ten thousand sparkling droplets into the sky to declare: "I AM!" Consider also the humble rock, waiting on that beach for who knows how long for that moment, which I was blessed to capture. Consider that the rock will likely never experience that leap -- yet since this moment, it has catalyzed tens of thousands of identical glories for which it will never be praised, and will go on doing so, in absolute perfection, caring not whether I or another am there to capture or consider or even see it at all. It does so in light or darkness, rain or shine, and always the glory is a singular fact of being. This is the perfection of the moment -- it exists in all places, in all ways, at all times. Finally, consider the glory of your own leap -- your own "I am," and consider as well, how can you be the rock for another, to help launch their own glorious leap?